Hackathon – 24h code marathon

Organised by Crypto Marbella, hosted by Our Space Coworking and sponsored by Santiment, our Hackathon event provides a focused environment for teams to design, develop and complete an intense iteration of work, hopefully resulting in software/blockchain that solves one of the many complex challenges we face in society today.

You are welcome to bring your own team or form a team with other attendees when you arrive.

Everything you need from Technical Assistance, Coaching, Food and Drink to help with ensuring a high level of Agility, will be available so you and your team have the best possible chance of completing a product and potentially winning one of our prizes.

We organised this Hackathon to…

  • Attract interest from skilled developers with little to no knowledge of Crypto/Blockchain Tech
  • Give lesser experienced developers the chance to hone their skills and knowledge especially in relation to Crypto/Blockchain.
  • Encourage collaboration between developers and investors / leaders / business people with a focus on solving complex trust issues with simple software / Blockchain solutions
  • Demonstrate to interested parties what is possible in a very short space of time.
  • Increase exposure for Crypto/Blockchain Tech locally and internationally
  • Connect developers, investors and business people together in one place where they can experience working together to create valuable products / solutions

Team will be self-organising and autonomous with assistance available should you need it. From concept to execution teams will be free to do as they wish and work towards something special that could result in winning a prize and providing a solution to a pressing problem.

A number of judges with expertise in Blockchain and beyond will decide a 1st and 2nd place on Sunday.


  • 2000 EURO (paid in ETH and SAN with 50/50 ratio) for the winning team
  • 1000 EURO (paid in ETH and SAN) for the second team
  • 2 months Hot Desk for free in OurSpace

Come and participate for the chance to Win and also connect with other individuals in the industry, a wide variety of none developers will be present from Investors, Marketing Experts, Lawyers and other interested parties which may result in a meaningful and profitable journey that you didn’t expect.

Location & Schedule

Hackathon starts at 10am Saturday December 16 th , in OurSpace Coworking in Marbella (Costa del Sol).

Please be prompt, we wouldn’t want you to miss anything.
Judging will be 24hours later on Sunday at 10am and prizes will be awarded shortly afterwards.
Please contact us for more information, we look forward to seeing you on the 16th .

Ideas for your team

  • Universal Tennis Players ranking
  • Find correlation between user generated content (for example Twitter stream) and Bitcoin price
  • Escrow Platform for Digital Items
  • Write Smart Contract for renting a car in Marbella
  • Write Smart Contract for buying a house in Marbella
  • Write Smart Contract for Affiliate programs used between companies
  • Bring in your idea and execute it!

Ideas for hackathon are collected on Trello