Dec 2017 Crypto Hackathon Summary

Hackathon has ended, prizes are given, time to move on. At the same time its a good moment to reflect on what happened, what we did good and what we did wrong.

First of all, I’d like to thank Maksim and Valentin from Santiment, who were helping with technical and business knowledge, starting from adding a structure in a judging process, through reviewing participants code, and finishing with motivating teams to move forward and do not give up no matter what.

Secondly, thank you to  Kerry and Carlos from Our Space who were helping to create the best work environment possible for seven teams (finally four of them were giving a pitch on Sunday), and helping visitors to learn about blockchain tech.

Thirdly, we were able to reach enough developers, lawyers, traders and marketers (there were 42 registered online participants and even more showed up on Saturday), thanks to the help to Princesa and Antonio, and Oscar and Fernando from Territorio Bitcoin to spread the knowledge about the event in offline and online media.

We spoke English and Spanish during the event, and Philip was helping with the translation, to achieve better understanding and help teams and visitors to collaborate faster.

Hackathon was an example that interdisciplinary collaboration between the experts from technology, law, media and investment is the way forward, to try to understand what makes sense to develop, also which direction might not be too early to dig into in a blockchain sphere.

Having this knowledge helps us to focus and move faster in a right direction, which was one of the main goals of the event.

Criteria and results
Criteria and results

CryptoMarbella Team

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