Agenda – detailed Hackathon plan

Detailed plan

Tomorrow, on December 16th, we start registration for the Hackathon at 9.00 in Our Space.

Detailed agenda is published and is available online.


You can still register, and we have 39 registered participants already, here is their roles:

Hackathon participants
Hackathon participants

If you want to learn about Blockchain technology, you could just come and learn, we are open, inclusive and transparent, at the same time please respect each others time.

Ideas to implement

We have collected more than 20 ideas to implement on Trello board, and it will be up the teams to pick one of them, or to bring own idea and implement it!

Yesterday we held a Preparation Meeting for the Hackathon, where a few more ideas were discussed:


CryptoMarbella Team embraces positive energy and collaboration, at the same time we try to avoid big egos and negativity. Working together in a productive way is key to live longer and happier, this is why we do this hackathon.

Looking forward to see you tomorrow!

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