A group of international software developers intend to update TripAdvisor

A group of international software developers intend to update TripAdvisor

Developers in Marbella are willing to incorporate Blockchain technology to the Trip Advisor platform where travelers can share their opinion about accommodation or restaurants, and other tourist attractions that they have visited. With this technology integrated User opinions will be much more reliable.

Blockchain technology allows users to effectively geolocate and verify that opinions are real, correct and objective. This technology can also ensure that the authenticity of opinions on professional services or locations (such as a distant beach) can also be authenticated.

Until today, there was no way to verify that clients who offered opinions on such touristic services had actually visited them. Business owners of these establishments are thus encouraged to self-generate fake reviews, to improve their score and visibility and win more clients.

In other cases, negative reviews or criticism is often provided by the competition and this is a problem that could be solved by Blockchain technology.

Collaboration is the key to solving complex issues, since it facilitates problem solving and effective development of solutions. Karpushonak has raised this challenge in Marbella and has met with different developers who together have been tasked with solving this challenge.

The 24 hour hackathon will occur on December 16th at “Our Space” coworking centre located on the Golden Mile, which this weekend will become known as the “Bitcoin Mile”.

If you want to learn more about Bitcoin, or develop your own knowledge and would like to meet with developers who can help you, you still have time to register. It is not compulsory to stay for the entire 24 hours, but registration is. You are free come and go as you please, just for a chat or simply to watch the exciting developments. We look forward to seeing you there.

You are still in time to participate, sign up

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