Hackathon Mission statement or why we do what we do

We organize a CryptoMarbella Hackathon, which will take place in Marbella, Southern Spain, in a middle of December 2017.

What is Hackathon? Or, better, why Hackathon?

We could start from a game theory concept, with identifying actors, and possible incentives. I our case, actors are:

  • programmers,
  • investors,
  • crypto enthusiasts
  • people who want to know more about Blockchain technology in general

which have different goals goals:

  • write a software in new technology, which is relatively easy to learn for every good programmer
  • creating something new and unique, and getting immediate feedback of CEO or CTO of well established crypto companies, which will happen on Sunday, December 17th
  • find a great like-minded/potential partners who can write, organize and present working solutions in a short amount of time
  • getting paid for work which is extremely interesting to do (and full of unknowns)

Or in other words, we look for a magic which happens when we collaborate and everybody just knows that potential outcome of playing fair and playing right is beneficial for everybody.

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